Module: Independent Study 1 Research and Make ( 40 credit) level 6
Name: Michelle Wright
Proposal & Context (what is the intended context of the proposal and what is the background thinking informing your decisions?):
In North Wales there is a very clear link to the subject of Diaspora with the historical emigration to Patagonia on the Mimosa and there are clear links to this historic event with Caernarfon.

In line with the Dissertation Topic Diasporas, Loss and Globalisation, I intend to explore issues that affect Diasporic Communities and show that the issues that affect Diasporic Communities/Trans National Groups are not just a modern phenomenon and that they are something that has occurred throughout time.

I also intend to explore the ways in which we identify with a culture – What makes us feel so connected to our homeland and the concept of de-coupling and how this might affect individuals, that sense of rootedness to a homeland – the creation of a separate entity/group from the process of becoming separated from one’s homeland (de-coupling) and the concept that national borders and the local geography in modern times are becoming more fluid, less defined and are somewhat precarious/degrading in nature.

The concept of distorting a print to allude to the distortion of facts by the media is of particular interest and I hope to develop this concept in this project.


Media & Methods (what kind of media, (in addition to sketchbooks) is going to be used – site specific work using ‘found materials’ or indigenous materials, paint, video, constructional-type materials/sculptural materials?):
Experimental Print Making (Rust)



Found Materials – materials that have some relation to the cultures of interest.

Aims & Outcomes (what kind of work is expected – painting, sculpture, photography, installation, combined media, performance, documentary, image/text etc?):
Completed work will be an installation that combines Video, Print, sculpture and found materials.
Supporting Research (which artists, galleries/visits, articles, websites, journals etc will be collected and collated to show relevant research has taken place – this can go in the sketchbook or in a separate file?):
Migration Museum

John Akomfrah exhibition at the Turner, Folkestone

Caernarfon Archives (Patagonia)

Bangor University Archives (Patagonia)

Mona Hatoum


Tutor comments:
Emrys suggested I research the following to create more depth to the content so that there is a greater connection to the artwork – looking at homeland and artefacts/connections.

  • Cbristian Boltanksi
  • Annette Messager
  • David Bohm
  • Alan Watts
  • Boyle Family


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