This page describes the process of creating a model of the Turner Contemporary Gallery with the selected artworks displayed.

Sunday 18th February 2018

Today I dressed the model with the artwork that I have selected to be included in the Diaspora, Decoupling and Representation exhibition.


Saturday 17th February 2018

Having put this task off for many weeks I finally decided to face my fears of working with foam board and tackle this.  I did the work over two days, firstly building the model itself and secondly dressing the model with the artworks. I finally learned to use light pressure to cut the foam board and have more success with my cutting.

Saturday 10th February 2018

Prior to starting work on the model of the gallery, I did some planning. I printed off the floor plans from the Turner Contemporary website and used them to build my model approximately to scale.

I then added some brief workings out of my own to help with my preparation. Overall I would say my model is “roughly to scale”. The angle of the roof I estimated using a photograph.

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