Wednesday 21st March

Ultimately this trip to London was to visit the Open Day at Camberwell College. Due to the length of time it took me to travel and becoming ill overnight, I only managed to visit South London Gallery and Camberwell College. South London Gallery were in the middle of setting up for an exhibition. My visit to Camberwell College went really well.

My intention was to see if there was anything that made me feel uncomfortable about applying to this college and quite honestly, there was absolutely nothing that put me off. The facilities were first-rate and the tutors/existing students very welcoming. I did have a concern prior to the visit about the cohesiveness of an online group. The Tutor Jonathan Kearney reassured me that in fact the online students often have a greater bond as a group than students who attend full time.

The course structure was explained, in essence a weekly Skype group meeting on a Tuesday afternoon accompanied by tutorials and several intensive fortnights where attendance in person is beneficial. On to the application for me now.

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