27th February 2018

I also created a catalogue ready to be forwarded to Liz.

I spent time today renaming the images so that the Painting Name and Size were part of the image name. I collated all images into one folder. Below are some of the collection of images used in the Catalogue.

22nd February 2018

I visited Liz at her studio and we photographed and measured her artwork, Liz created a list which she will forward to me and I brought the photographs home to catalogue. Liz also sent me another set of images produced by Jane Parry to be included. Below are some of the images pre-edited.

17th February 2018

I was recently contact by Liz Ashworth to assist her in cataloguing her artwork as a piece of freelance work. We agreed that I would visit Liz’s studio to begin the work on the 22nd February 2018.

Liz’s Biography is shown below:

Liz Ashworth lives and works in north Snowdonia.

Her atmospheric paintings, both abstract and poetic, are inspired by the landscape and the sea that surrounds her coastal village. She works in acrylic on canvas, drawing from life and from photographs. Over the last 40 years her work has appeared in galleries in Wales, in solo and in group exhibitions.

Contact: 01248 681394

Mobile: 07990 993293

Email: liz@lizashworth.com

Courtesy of Liz Ashworth

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