22nd April 2018

Today I applied for Membership from CARN in Caernarfon. The link below is to the application form and the associated jpgs as requested in the application form.

The Personal Statement I have included in the application is below:

When I start a piece of work I research newsworthy events that have happened in the world, in particular from a social and political viewpoint. My artwork is often a reflective observation of these events where the general population has in some way been mistreated by an overriding power, such as the residing government/politicians of the time. Key techniques used as part of my process are Collage, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography and Video incorporating found objects into the artwork.

The images I have sent to Menna at CARN are also shown below:

11th March 2018

I requested an application form from CARN which Menna sent to me by return.

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