06/11/2018: A general discussion around Aims and Objectives was had via Skype in preparation for our Project Proposal writing.

What are Aims and Objectives

Aims are the general intentions/statements of the research which give an overall impression of the project. What you hope to achieve.

Objectives are the steps that will be taken to achieve the overall intentions describing how the outcomes of the project will be achieved. How you are going to achieve it.

Aims and Objectives should be clear and concise, relate to each other and provide something to measure the success of the project against at the end.

Aims Objectives
General Specific
Strategic Tactical
Less More
General Statements Specific Targets to meet Statements
Overall Goals Steps required
Intentions Help you to plan, clarify and prioritise
Reason for doing something How you are going to do it.
Clear and Concise – not vague
Passive Active
Reflecting on action Reflecting in action

Learning Objectives

Can be divided into three criteria, Knowledge, Skills, Attitude. Examples of Verbs used when establishing Learning Objectives:

  • Knowledge: analyse, arrange, calculate, circle, cite, classify, compare, contrast, compare, define, describe, match, differentiate, group, identify, interpret, itemize, label, list, match, name, outline, plan, record, revise, select, solve, state, Give examples, evaluate, recognise
  • Skills: adjust, assemble, chart, collect, use, draw, employ, establish, illustrate, imitate, interact, locate, maintain, measure, modify, make, organise, rearrange, return, set up, practice, manipulate, master, fit, perform, demonstrate
  • Attitudes: accept, adopt, advocate, approve, assess, challenge, characterise, choose, criticise, defend, evaluate, formulate, judge, justify, manage, model, persuade, recommend, resolve, select, specify, value, reassure, empathise


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