My first tutorial with Gareth Polmeer was to discuss the content of my initial draft of my research paper question and abstract.

My initial thinking had been to focus on the works of Christian Boltanski and Joseph Beuys perhaps most predominantly because I have researched their work a lot in the past and had written about Joseph Beuys during my previous degree, so I felt a degree of comfort reflecting deeper on their works.

During the tutorial I described my thinking in more detail and we discussed the potential for this to be to broad a topic considering the outline I had provided in the abstract.

Gareth advised me to consider perhaps using a different artist and also focussing specifically on two distinct pieces of artwork so as to make the research paper more specific.

The philosophies of collective memory and involuntary memory, being very broad constraints in their own right, the concept of focussing on two specific artworks would constrain these theories within a specific context.

The conversation with Gareth at this stage proved very useful to me and gave me the impetus to consider other artists and begin to frame my research question more succinctly.

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