London Trip: 8th to 10th February 2016

Wednesday 10th February 2016

National Gallery 

My chosen artwork, The Bathers by Cezanne was in a plain matt gold frame, in a dimly lit room on a wall of Cezanne pieces. The subdued lighting probably to protect the artwork from light pollution.

The pieces were ordered right to left in date order and there was also a self portrait on this wall too.

Cezanne painted in blocks or lines of colour, all his pieces having similar form and atmosphere using similar mark making and colours creating geometric shapes with his mark making.

In The Bathers Cezanne is suggesting the oneness with nature these women have. It appears that at this stage in art history, up until the late 1930’s  it was fashionable to draw people bathing.

Below are my sketches drawn while at the national gallery. I am far more comfortable drawing in biro than pencil.

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