Saatchi Gallery – Champagne life

Jean Bulajic: Jermenac, Grozda, Alise Lange, Ljubica

The portraits, Jermenac, Grozda, Alise Lange, Ljubica  by Jelena Bulajic made between 2012 and 2016 were all mixed media pieces on either Linen or Canvas. The detail on these pieces was incredible given their large sizes.

This is the appeal of her work, the flesh as thinly containing a soul, a spark of animation within. Her play with scale, some canvases are smaller than life-size others are huge, allows her to manipulate the intimacy with which we view her subjects.

Saatchi Gallery

Virgille Ittah: Echoue au Seuil de la Raison

Echoue au Seuil de la Raison by Virgille Ittah is made from mixed wax, marble dust and a pair of unique cast iron beds.

Alice Anderson: 181 Kilometres and Bound

The pieces by Alice Anderson, 181 kilometres (2015) and Bound (2011) are both made from copper thread similar to sewing thread wound onto a wooden bobbin and a sphere. Given their size, these pieces are awe-inspiring.

Stephanie Quayle: Two Cows

Two Cows (2013) by Stephanie Quayle are made from air hardening clay chicken wire and steel. These life size creatures really embody the presence felt when witnessing a cow in the countryside.

Aidan Salakhova: Revelations

I was completely in awe of the new works by Aidan. Without exception each piece was a powerful visual interpretation. This was my first experience of Aidan’s work & I would have loved more time to watch the film work too.

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