Tuesday 8th November 2016

Today we had a visit and a lecture from the new Artists in Residence at Penrhyn Castle, Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich.

They spent some time describing their projects to date and their hopes for the Residency at Penrhyn Castle.

Sci-Fi Hot Tub

Sci-Fi Hot Tub – A floating hot tub contained within an inflatable iceberg. Designed to cocoon participants within warmth and comfort whilst floating amid sublime and sometimes hostile environments. On entering Sci-Fi Hot Tub the participant is invited into an environment that is intended to improve their state of physical and emotional wellbeing.


Friendly Frontier

Friendly Frontier is an inflatable mountain range equipped with emergency slides to bridge international borders. It is a symbolic territory that operates as an open border to be used like a child’s toy to slide with ease between nation states. It has become the focal point for a number of public events, inviting participants to consider the ideal of a world living in peace and collaboration together.


Love Cannon

Love Cannon was made during a residency in ‘Les Arques’ an idyllic tranquil village in Midi-Pyrenees, France, an area steeped in a medieval history of territorial battle still visible in its fortified architecture. All fifty one citizens of Les Arques village turned out to join the artists in forming a romantic gesture to the world, including speeches in honour of love by the local Mayor and love songs performed by the Les Arques
Polyphonic Singers, The first balloon to love was fired in peace by Guy Fillion a conscientious objector during WW2.


From these relatively humble beginnings the Love Cannon has been fired in many places gathering ever bigger crowds. From leading a parade down London’s Brick Lane to the Whitechapel Gallery and making an unlikely marriage with a punk band for Basel Art Fair. The Love Cannon Parade has made its way through the crowds of 20 thousand and onto the main stage of the Big Chill Festival teaming up with Amnesty International for their campaign Love is a Human Right, followed by headlining star Issac Hayes performing his classic hit Shaft. The Love Cannon has also wiped up a crowd of joyful participants in the rain at Beck’s Fusions Festival at Castlefield Arena, Manchester supporting Santogold and Massive Attack.

First commissioned by Ateliers d’artistes des Arques, France








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