This page documents my activities as Student Representative during my second year of the BA Fine Art (Hons) at Coleg Menai.

3rd May 2017

I attended a meeting with Alana, Julie and Billie about the forthcoming change in our affiliation to Bangor University. The outcome of the meeting was that I had to gain a unanimous agreement from our group for everyone to be included in the move.

I spoke to several people in person and emailed everyone else.

This is just to catch up with those I didn’t get chance to see after yesterday’s meeting with Alana. I had hoped to speak to everyone in person but this isn’t really practical at the moment.
Basically the meeting was to discuss the move over from Glyndwr to Bangor University which I believe Helen told you all about yesterday morning.
Essentially the move won’t really affect us at all other than that we will get a Bangor Uni Degree at the end of next year. We will probably also have access to Bangor Uni resources too.
Bangor University has been established for a lot longer than Glyndwr and everyone I’ve spoken too sees this as a positive move.
For this to happen for our year we need to have unanimous agreement that we are happy for this to happen, If only one of us doesn’t agree then our group will remain with Glyndwr.
At the moment the college are seeking a verbal agreement from us all but at some point we will have a form to sign to say we agree. I have to go back to Alana on Tuesday with our collective decision, so please could you all let me know if you agree with this.
If you have any other questions about this, I can ask Alana at the meeting on Tuesday. Please can everyone reply with your decision or let me know by text or Facebook by Tuesday.

I was unable to attend the following meeting, however I did report our unanimous agreement to Alana.

30th March 2017 – Learner Panel

I wad unable to attend this Learner Panel and there were no volunteers from our group to take my place at this meeting.

26th January 2017 – Learner  Conference

The Learner Conference is a conference held for class reps from across Grŵp Llandrillo Menai’s campuses. All Student Union Presidents, the two Principals and the Grŵp’s Chief Executive will be at the conference to answer your questions and listen to your views, so come along to make sure the voice of your class is heard.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Learner Conference this year due to other commitments.

18th October 2016 – Learner Panel

I attended the first Leaner Panel of the year and the following items were discussed.

Matters raised from a previous meeting

  • Taster Days: Response – Continued and increased in number.
  • Photography Studio Access: Response – Reviewed and Reformed.
  • Estates Staffing at Parc Menai: Response – Change in Staffing completed.

Positive Comments

  •  Interviewing process and applying internally.
  • College is safe and welcoming.
  • Supportive and approachable staff.
  • Awareness of how to access support services.

Matters to be addressed

  1. Review of length and content of Induction process
    Lack of involvement in Freshers week by students at Coleg Menai.
    Response By and When: Maes Rhaglen-Programme Area/Gwasanaethau Dysgwyr-Learner Services/SGR-MIS-1.6.17.
  2. Transport matters address reporting of issues follow-ups
    Transport issues for people travelling to Coleg Menai along a particular route.
    Response By and When: Gwasanaethau Dysgwyr/Learner Services 17.2.17.
  3. Review access and use of equipment (computers).
    Use of the MAC room and access to MAC’s when classes are in progress – no timetable.
    PC’s at Coleg Menai are old and slow and required updating.
    Response By and When: Maes Rhaglen/Programme Area 16.12.17.
  4. Refectory: representations to catering company regarding choice and price.
    Lack of Choice and Price in Canteen still an issue for many students.
    Response By and When: Undeb y Myfyrwyr/Gwasanaethau Dysgwyr; Students Union/Learner Services 1.2.17.
  5. Studio fees-breakdown of provision
    Students do not understand why they have to pay studio fees, particularly BA group where fees have already been paid.
    Response By and When: Maes Rhaglen/Programme Area 4.17.

1st October 2016

I volunteered to be Student Representative for BA Fine Art (Hons) Second Year.

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