Tuesday 25th April 2017

Today I attended Pontio as an invigilator for the exhibition piece, Light Choreographies. Whist invigilating we were asked to ensure that the public were escorted into the piece and allowed to interact with the space in their own way.

Monday 24th April 2017

Today I attended a Focus Group for Angela. I was asked to experience the artwork for myself and spend time in the space before being asked to complete a questionnaire based on my perceptions of Interactive Art and my direct experience of the piece.

On arrival at the space, my heart rate was recorded as evidence and then I was encouraged to enter the space. Initially, I spent the time to look at the robotic device in the centre of the room and observing the reflections on the ceiling. I then took the glass sphere which I was afraid of dropping and moved around the room, while continuing to watch the patterns on the ceiling. This made me feel very disoriented and quite sick.

I decided to sit at the edge of the room and simply watch the reflections from a seated position and the sick feeling began to ease. I felt very calm and almost as if I was looking at the inside of someone’s eye or even another galaxy.

On reflection, I found the space to be extremely meditative and calming – I could have stayed in there all afternoon.

Friday 21st April 2017

I attended the Induction Training with Sharon Roberts of Pontio and also with Angela at the White Box in Pontio. Angela discussed the project and her requirements of the invigilators.

Pervasive M promotion

Friday 31st March 2017

Today I received the email regarding volunteering for this project and links to the timetables for volunteering. There are two volunteering opportunities Invigilation and participation in a Focus Group.

Wednesday 29th March 2017

Attending a talk by Angela Davis who described her forthcoming exhibition to be held at Pontio called Light Choreographies.

Light Choreographies performance – an immersive exploration of gesture, scale, rhythm and movement featuring aerial performer Aislinn Mulligan and a sound composition by Ant Dickinson.

The dialogue between human and technology was explored through the interactive robotic light projecting sculpture. Traditional processes of glass blown forms harmonise with technological systems. The movement of sensors communicate to form a choreography of light.

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