Combination Printing with Greg Fuller

28th July 2017

On the second day, we spent the morning discussing and preparing the Oil based Printing Inks ready for Viscosity Printing, a combination of Relief and Intaglio printing.

Viscosity printing is a multi-color printmaking technique that incorporates principles of relief printing and intaglio printing. It was pioneered by Stanley William Hayter.

See also the following documents on Viscosity Printing:

The main things from this discussion I remember:

  • Each of the inks has to be a different viscosity.
  • Linseed Oil is used to change the viscosity of the printing inks. We used Copper Plate Oil.
  • Consider the transparency of your ink, when preparing and mixing inks to create the colours required. Opaque white can be used to alter the hue of the ink.

This discussion was then followed with a demonstration of viscosity printing.

During the afternoon we then worked on our own Viscosity Prints putting into practice the methods that we had learned that morning. We also combined this printing technique with the screen printing we had completed the previous day.


Although I felt overwhelmed with the amount of information, I really liked the Viscosity Printing method and would definitely work with this again. This was my first experience of using Oil Based Inks and although I definitely need to improve my knowledge in the area, I feel confident that I could re-produce this technique given the skill acquired on this workshop.

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