IMG_7667Nigel then showed us how to prepare a screen to be used as a positive with the light box.

The screen was covered with a layer of pre-prepared photo-emulsion which would then later be exposed to UV light to create the positive.

Once prepared the screens were placed in the drying rack.

We were then give a brief demonstration on the process of mono printing, where Bonnie painted directly onto the screen before printing to get different effects on the resulting prints.

I then prepared my first positive using a peacock feather that I had brought along to the IMG_7677workshop. The feather was placed directly onto the plate with the dry screen covered in photo emulsion placed over the top. We then closed the light box and started the vacuum to seal the screen and feathers in, cutting out any external light.

Once this was done, we then started the light box, setting the units to between 20 and 25 before washing the screen to remove the unwanted photo emulsion and then returning the screen to the dryer.

Once dry, the screen was baked again without a fabric on a setting of 5 to harden the remaining photo emulsion.

My prints that came from this positive and from Day 1 are shown below – very hapy with the result.

At the end of the day we reflected on our efforts so far, the images below show the group work we had created so far.

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