Potential Dissertation Topics

  • The evolution of film making as a visual art form.
  • The subject of freedom of expression from the perspective of a film maker.
  • The evolution of technology in the field of visual art.
  • Exploring the part played by fine arts in the online world. What are the ways fine arts can be incorporated into website development?
  • Is the transition to digital films affecting the cinematic art adversely? Are they really wiping out the pleasure of watching movies?
  • Censorship on the various visual arts and why art holds such a strong influence.
  • Does Traditional Printmaking have a place in todays modern visual arts environment? Integrating Print Making with Digital Print and Film making.
  • Can captioned images posted on social media sites such as “Snapchat” and “Instagram” be construed as art? Discuss.
  • Visual arts in the internet age: is it is really being a help to the art or are there more negatives than positives?
  • The evolution in visual art: are we moving forward with concepts or has refinement of existing ideas taken precedence?
  • Art in the business of saving the environment.
  • The role of outdoor art exhibits in modern society.

Research Links – November 2017

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