I decided to make some enquiries about the AA2A project as this has potential for next year after I have completed my degree. Particularly as both Chester and Liverpool have participating establishments. I contacted AA2A and both Chester and Liverpool so that I can be kept informed of future placements.

The AA2A Project communicated to me they would be in touch in June and sent me information for my local area.

3 thoughts on “ AA2A Project ”

  1. Hi Michelle.
    Great that you’re interested in AA2A and that you purchased our pack. However, you may not have noticed the ‘© Copyright AA2A Ltd’ at the bottom of every page, including the Chester links page. This means you can’t share this online without permission, which we would not give because we sell it. This raises funds to allow us to keep it updated. Could you take the links down as soon as possible and let us know when its done.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon
    Wendy Mason, National Director AA2A


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