Locating Professional Practice Proposal – 5 Year Plan

February 2018

In the last three years, I have combined full-time study with part time employment in the software industry. Moving forward, a continuation of the combination of employment and study through post graduate study is expected.

During time as a student, I have derived a more distinct sense of future life working in the Arts Sector. The aspects of Fine Art practice I am most interested in are; curatorial practice, using digital technologies for visual communication, installations and print making.

An application for the Post graduate study opportunity, MA Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College (UAL) is ongoing. This course is on an online study basis of two years with the option to attend three two-week residencies. Focussing on the use of digital technology as a tool to communicate visual ideas, this course aligns well with my way of working. It will render me with exposure to people who are working in a similar artistic direction.

My ambition is then to undertake a Research Degree (PhD) in Fine Art Digital practice. It is feasible to undertake a Research degree after completion of my Undergraduate degree; nevertheless, the Master’s degree will be a valuable preparation for PhD study. Investment in workshops or short-term courses will further enhance my Fine Art skills.

An effective organiser and communicator, both written and verbally, with the ability to present visual ideas with consistent attention to detail. Project Management, Database Knowledge, Research capability and Information Compilation and Publication are all skills gained in my previous career. Proactive, with a can-do attitude. It has recently come to my attention that I can offer my digital services in a Fine Art context to other artists, thus providing an additional stream of income. Examples of the types of work this might entail are Video/Photography of artwork, openings and exhibitions, marketing material preparation and artwork cataloguing.

Having organised the second-year exhibition at Galeri, valuable curatorial experience was acquired and keenness exists to expand these skills further. Short-term curatorial courses will precede a mentoring opportunity, to experience curatorship in a commercial environment. Potentially my technical knowledge can benefit me in the area of digital curatorship.

Having already begun to develop contacts within the Arts sector in the North Wales area, I intend to continue to seek out new contacts on an ongoing basis. The provision of digital/videography services to other artists developing collaborative skills. The ongoing relationship with the Regional Print Centre will help to develop my printmaking skills further.

There is the opportunity to present work on the student wall at Galeri, Caernarfon once I have begun the Master’s degree. Another potential opportunity in the future would be to exhibit on a solo/collaborative basis is at Galeri in Caernarfon.

Part of my vision is to become a practising artist maintaining a Fine Art Digital practice. Submitting work to be included in upcoming exhibitions in the short-term with the hope of progressing towards a solo/collaborative exhibition, longer term.

Beyond post graduate education I will exhibit artwork, freelance as a videographer and curator. I will also provide consultancy services to organisations wishing to incorporate digital technologies into their Fine Art offering. To work in the Arts sector in today’s economic climate, a Fine Artist has to be multi-skilled and adaptable.

This extensive skillset provides adaptability and flexibility as I move forward in my artistic career. I am in a position to fully dedicate my time to the opportunities that present themselves on this path of the Fine Artist.

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