Friday 21st January 2017

Investigating rapid desensitisation I discovered a new technique to me – Eye Movement Technique so I decided to give it a go. I invested in the book DIY Eye Movement Technique by Matthew McKay and started working on it straight away.

Wednesday 19th Janaury 2017

I had a tutorial with Helen today, where I presented my draft video. Very pleased with Helen’s response and keen to present the video to the group. At this point I am still quite weepy but each time I show someone my video, I cry a little less. Helen did ask me if I was sure I wanted to include the more personal issues.

I believe that to get the most from this process you have to be completely open and honest – this is a dialogue with yourself as much as anything, as the outcome is to establish your direction as an artist moving forward to the next year of the degree.

So my answer is Yes – the personal stuff will stay and I will continue with my desensitisation.

Wednesday 12th January 2017

Continuing to work on my video, I have organised my material and downloaded the quotes and videos that I intend to use as part of my video.

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