Youtube Research

Monday 5th December 2016

Watched the Interview Life is Danger every day on the Louisiana Youtube Channel.

In this powerful interview Ai Weiwei talks about his art, his life and his reasons for still fighting the Chinese system. ‘I don’t believe people who say they are not scared, even you put them in prison, he says.

I couldn’t say that I came to any great conclusions at this point, however, I did begin to understand a little more about Ai’s ethos and that which inspires him. My observations/questions that have arisen from watching this video are:

  • What is the Artist Struggle? Refers to Giacometti
  • Twentieth Century Quote 10:50 – 11:15 – make audio clip, Wonder about culture created before you…Philosophically to make new is to destroy the old –
  • 19:38 – talks about influence by Duchamp and Warhol – total phenomena rather that aesthetic questions – not about forms but about social behaviour, culture, human behaviour. Those artists understand and made effort, today uses social-political situation in china reflecting the ordinary people in relation to this situation.
  • Duchamp – lifestyle, attitude to life.
  • Father – 20 years exile and 6 years in prison…. Influence….
  • Rejects government but totally rejects society that doesn’t support human rights…

Timeline 2015

  • Return of Passport
  • Irregular Thoughts in a Regulated Society
  • Royal Academy Exhibition

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