Monday 22nd May 2017 – Reflection

During this second year of study my confidence with video has increased a lot and I have found that video has become an integral part of my artwork (in all areas).

So far, I have uploaded 50 videos to my Vimeo Account, and this is only a small portion of the videos I have created.

I have found that the work done this year has given me a solid foundation and some good ideas for moving forward into the 3rd Year. In theExtended Practice (ARF 503) and Specialist Study (ARF 505) modules in particular I have been keen to experiment in video and move towards Projection Mapping, however in taking smaller steps this year and becoming more confident with the software, I feel I am better placed to achieve my future goals of at least experiencing projection mapping.

As part of my role as Blog Ambassador I have been on hand to help other students with their Premiere Pro and Photoshop related issues.

During the preparation for the Galeri Exhibition I was also asked to create a Talking Heads Video from footage recorded by Helen of each of the artists answering questions posed by Emrys. I have also been asked to do this again for the third year exhibition.

All in all, far more confident in Video Work and this has impacted the other modules that I have also worked on this year.

Sunday 19th March 2017

Research: After Effects

In late 2016, we collaborated with Mai Family Services, a Michigan based NGO to launch a film addressing the issue of domestic violence that women in the South Asian and larger immigrant community face in the United States.

Written by Sofia Ashraf, and featuring the voice of Ratna Pathak Shah, this spoken word piece aims to raise awareness regarding the unaddressed problems these women endure everyday.

So this is how its done! The A -Z of creating a project with yours truly and my talented band of magicians. I wanted to show all the different steps involved in the creation process while adding an explosion of colour and wackiness to it all! And of course everything is shot in camera frame by frame with the magic of stop-motion!!

This film is to remind us to stand united and continue to strive for a better, more connected world where all are respected as equals. We might think or look differently but in the end we are all human beings. We hope this piece conjures up some inspiration to act with strength and compassion in all of our daily interactions.

Let us stand together.

Division & Unity is a comment on how our digital age has shaped and influenced us, and a message of how we’re stronger together.

NONE is a short film that explores the balance of light and darkness.  It has a personal narrative which plays with the notion of finding yourself amidst the noise around you.

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