Tuesday 13th December 2017

Projection Mapping using Premiere Pro

Mark showed me how to apply separate video’s to a side on a 3 dimensional object. We photographed a box, as an initial experiment and then Imported the image into a box.

We layered over the three visible sides using the Corner Pin Video Effect and then removed the image of the box. We also discussed the potential of using a second projector and photographing the Hidden side to project all six sides with an image.

I then created a new 3-dimensional video using some footage that I had edited on my iPhone.

I wasn’t happy with the top side of the cube in this video and decided to edit the video a bit further so that the image on the top side was facing forwards.

I also created a third video using this technique using more of the footage I had created using my iPhone.

Research: Video Mapping

Video-mapping is a technique that consists of projecting video images on buildings, façades, structures or nearly any kind of surface or object other than the usual flat, rectangular 4-sided screen. Video-mapping is re-designing a space, reconstructing what was already there. It creates astonishing optical illusions and turns reality into something else.

Video-mapping is quite new and is flourishing nowadays. The reason of its success is that the public gets somehow emotionally involved in the show. It is not just “another cool visualization”, but it is surprising and exciting and involves physical as well as virtual space.


Research: Leap Motion for Interactivity

I have spent some time reading about Leap Motion as a tool to create Interactivity whilst removing the technology from the audience. Leap Motion enables you to introduce interactivity where the audience uses movement around the Leap Motion device to create movement on the screen. Essentially, this is a virtual reality device that could potentially prove very useful with my future endeavours with video and projection mapping.

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