Sunday 5th March 2017

Research: Text and Video Art

After my influences video presentation  I decided to spend time considering the use of text in artwork and in particular video. Here are some of the artists I have researched.

Andrew McClain

Screen is a collaboration with Andrew McClain, Shawn Greenlee, Robert Coover, Josh Carroll and Sascha Becker that was created in the Brown University immersive virtual-reality chamber (Cave), as part of a research project in spatial hypertext writing [1]. Brown’s VR chamber is similar to the University of Illinois’s CAVE—a virtual environment that shows 3D images while allowing users to continue to see their own bodies and does not require users to wear encumbering equipment (such as head-mounted displays, which are essentially blindfolds with televisions inside) [2]. Brown’s Cave is an 8-ft cube, missing its top and one side, and its walls and floor are projection screens. A projector pointed at each screen alternately projects images meant for the user’s left and right eyes. The user wears shutter glasses that alternately occlude the left and right eyes in synchronization with the projectors. The result is stereo VR—3D vision of computer-generated imagery—combined with the physical presence of the people and objects in the Cave.

More information on Screen – Interaction with Text

Charles Sandison

Much of Sandison’s work involves computer generated video projections that create immersive data installations, placing the viewer at the centre of a changing universe of words, signs, and characters. Sandison’s art works to incorporate the viewer into the piece, so that the computer and human mind can work together. Sandison draws inspiration from nature and his surroundings, and attempts to capture elements of human life and the current world that we live in. He stated in a private interview, “I don’t try to make a copy or representation of something and I don’t make objects. I try to create something that has its own life. I guess I am the Dr. Frankenstein of the art world.” (Student Interview, 2015) The importance of location in his work has led to projections in the Paris Catacombs, and the Forum Romano.

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