Sunday 12th March 2017

Research: Video Art Installations

Just in time for our partnership with Moving Image, the only fair devoted to film and video art, we thought we’d take a look at the top ten most popular artists on Artsy who work in video and film. We’re only scratching the surface though—explore all of the medium and discover artists you never knew worked in video. (Richard Serra anyone?)

Douglas Gordon

Much of Gordon’s work is seen as being about memory and uses repetition in various forms. He uses material from the public realm and also creates performance-based videos. His work often overturns traditional uses of video by playing with time elements and employing multiple monitors.[1]

Monster, 1996-7, color photograph by Douglas Gordon, Private ownership- Michael Hue Williams

Gordon has often reused older film footage in his photographs and videos.[2] One of his best-known art works is 24 Hour Psycho (1993) which slows down Alfred Hitchcock‘s film Psycho so that it lasts twenty four hours.[3]

Sonia Falcone

Video Art Installation, a major piece of this artist, participated in the XVII Bienal de Arte de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where Sonia was invited to participate.

At the beginning of the third millennium, after receiving an honorary doctorate from Trinity College of Graduate Studies [3] in “Spirituality and Psychology”, she joined her social and artistic work, viewing art as a tool that could be used not only to understand people’s problems, but also to help them think.

“Passions of the Soul”, one of her most recent works, achieves a rapport between art and game, trying to reach the adult and the child within by creating metaphors that express a philosophy of life.

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