The ARK Sculpture Exhibition at Chester Cathedral is running from July until October 2017. I have to admit that although open to all types of artistic expression, I found the taxidermy to be distasteful – however I am aware this is because of my strong connection to animals and appreciate that others may find these pieces interesting. In this blog page, I am only writing about the highlights of the exhibition for me and not every single piece.

ARK is a world class modern and contemporary sculpture exhibition at Chester Cathedral, which runs until 15 October 2017. ARK is the largest sculpture exhibition to be held in the north west of England and features 90, three dimensional works by over 50 internationally renowned sculptors including Damien Hirst, Sir Antony Gormley, Lynn Chadwick, Barbara Hepworth, Sarah Lucas, David Mach, Kenneth Armitage and Peter Randall-Page, amongst others.

This exhibition uses the magnificent interior of the cathedral as a backdrop to extraordinary works of art as well as the beautiful and ancient spaces surrounding it. Several sculptors will are showing brand new works of art whilst some pieces will emerge for public view from private collections. It is the first time these pieces have been seen together.

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