Michael Joo

Michael Joo’s work investigates the concepts of identity and knowledge in a hybrid contemporary world. He creates narratives that explore places, people and objects through reinterpreting perception: why do we perceive as we perceive. Joo’s non-linear, almost cyclical approach to his practice together with his combination of scientific language and research, results in work that is a documentation of process. Whether chemically treated, silver-coated or photo-based, Joo’s artwork combines a range of techniques associated with sculpture, painting, photography and print-making. He continues to blur the boundaries between art and science through his investigation into ontology, epistemology and entropy; creating a cross-disciplinary and multi-dimensional dialogue to engage, question, meditate and explore.


Stubbs (Absorbed)

Stubbs (Absorbed) (2009), is based on George Stubbs’ strangely incongruous painting of a zebra within an English countryside setting (1762-63). For Joo, this particular animal – here presented with its skin flayed according to the pattern of its black stripes – acts as a symbol of binary opposites and mistaken identity.


Edition size:3


I just like this – not so much for the figurative aspect, just because I love zebras.

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