David Mach

David Mach is one of the UK’s most successful and respected artists, known for his dynamic and imaginative large scale collage, sculpture and installations using a wide range of materials, including coat hangers, matches, magazines and many others. The Scotsman describes his work as ‘big on gesture and big in proportion, it demands your attention and gets it’.



“It’s a sort of vase-shaped thing that I had made up, a wooden form, and I’ve just realised it looks like a grenade, a fat grenade!” he exclaims. “It’s also like that guy from The Fantastic Four who’s orange and breaks into lumps. It was originally a solid and I’ve hacked the top off and shaped the inside and really nailed this thing with carpet tacks and screwed it with self-tapping screws. It’s like when you look at The Terminator and there’s the metal casing coming through its skin and you can see the mechanical workings inside but at the same time it looks like something military, like a piece of hardware. It’s a very odd thing”.


This piece intrigued me, particularly the construction, I like the idea of using screws and nails to produce a surface that’s almost surreal and gives you the impression that the object is completely made from metal.

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