Sculpture with Clay

Wednesday 15th March 2017

Moving on with the clay I then decided to try and include some guttering mesh that I have wanted to use for a while. I rubbed air dry clay into the guttering mesh and created a tube.

The piece seemed unfinished so I finished the piece by including some plaster work.

Tuesday 14th March 2017

Finishing off my Clay Monolith – I then spray painted this sculpture so that it looked less like a clay model. The results are shown below.

Using some Fibre Glass I had found on the beach and an old food tray, I glued them together and moulded Air Dry Clay onto them to create a Clay Sculpture, no meaning perhaps other than a connection to my obsession with rocks, crystals and standing stones.

I then went back to the sculpture to complete the base a little later in the day.

Digital Response to Epic Fails

Not wanting to waste the effort completely I spent some time digitally enhancing the images from the Sculpture with Clay Epic Fails.

Epic Fails

I wanted to sculpt a clay structure around a balloon, however through tiredness and clumsiness I kept bursting the balloon and eventually gave up to try again another day. I just know when all I am doing is making a mess. Here are my photo’s though.

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