Tuesday 18th April 2017

As the towels had been donated to me, I kept making pieces until I had ran out of towels and ended up with 43 pieces of differing sizes which are now ready to be assembled into one Final Sculpture – this will be completed in college on Assessment Day.

Tuesday 18th April 2017

Creating the Final Piece

Due to lack of towels, I posted on Facebook requesting donations of towels from friends and received about 10 towels altogether.

Initially a bit sceptical about the colours of the towels, black, blue, grey, green and peach, I decided to get started creating more individual sculptures of differing shapes and sizes.

I felt that the original maquette wasn’t quite natural enough and decided to rip the towels into pieces instead of cutting them – this was a really good move and the sculpture pieces appear more natural now.

My kitchen sink was my work area and my draining board the initial drying zone where I placed the towels over bottles to set.

After about 20 minutes I then placed the pieces outside to dry further.

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