Monday 22nd May 2017 – Reflective Statement

The focus of the Specialist Study module was an attempt to look at the refugee crisis through the eyes of those experiencing these circumstances first hand, the refugees themselves, their experience, their treatment, the barriers and the stereotyping that they face on a daily basis.

A long held belief of the artist that humanity, dignity and respect are basic human rights that everyone deserves irrespective of his or her circumstances, the refugee crisis highlights to the artist the lack of humanity in our society today.

Inspired by the increasing efforts of many artists to raise awareness of the refugee crisis, in particular, Ai Wei Wei and the Migration Museum, the artist wanted to create a platform that says, “Look at how these people are treated, this could be you or me”.

The techniques of Video/Projection Artists such as Alan Whifield and Rebecca Smith have inspired me throughout this process to keep pushing my boundaries in relation to the video production for this module further developing my skills and interest in this area.

I wanted to push my experience of video and project further than it has been to date with the intention of working with projection mapping and digital graffiti and although I did some work in this area, I had hoped to do more. I made the conscious decision to leave this experimentation until my third year.

The project developed seemed to develop an impetus of its own and moved in a different direction, I gained a lot of satisfaction from knitting the blankets from dustsheets, which is the direction I ultimately followed for my final piece.

This has been a particularly long project, however the break to concentrate on the Galeri project proved valuable, I then found I had a new clarity about this project when I returned to it. I feel that I was able to improve the final piece further.

I was asked to assemble my Final Installation at short notice prior to the Easter Holidays, I felt I rose to the challenge and having previously understood my requirements for this installation, I was able to produce the installation within the timescale requested.

Monday 22nd May 2017 – Project Documents

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