Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Proposal and Context

To produce a body of work that focuses on the issues of migration and the displacement of families during war time and their movement to other countries, particularly the UK.

As a continuation of the work completed in the Extended Practice module, I hope to explore the subject of the effects of war upon the civilian population.

The work completed in the Print Module is a literal reflection upon the imagery that I found particularly disturbing during the summer months that provided me with the Impetus for this years work.

Media and Methods

My intention is to experiment with the creation of some form of object that I will ultimately be able to project an image or video onto.

  • Plaster/Sculpture
  • Collage using paper, wax and fabric
  • Plastics

I also intend to experiment with projection methods; short throw projection, use of a concave mirror and use of Perspex. I also have an idea of creating an iris using plastics that I can then project onto.

  • Video
  • Guerilla Projection / Digital Graffitti
  • Projection Mapping
  • Sculpture using plastic to create an iris

Aims and Outcomes

  • Projection Mapping
  • Digital Graffitti
  • Collage using paper, wax, fabric
  • Sculpture using plastic to create an iris

Supporting Research

Potential Locations to Visit

Tutor Comments

From Helen: Consider mapping the routes that refugees take when they are migrating to this country.

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