Wednesday 9th November 2016

Migration Quotes

  • “A great emigration necessarily implies unhappiness of some kind or other in the country that is deserted.” migration quote by Thomas Malthus
  • “Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrations and revolutionists.” migration quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • “Has it occurred to you that transmigration is at once an explanation and a justification of the evil of the world ? If the evils we suffer are the result of sins committed in our past lives, we can bear them with resignation and hope that if in this one we strive toward virtue our future lives will be less afflicted.” migration quote by W. Somerset Maugham

Displacement Definition

  • [n] the action of moving something from its place or position.
    “vertical displacement of the shoreline”
  • [n] the occupation by a submerged body or part of a body of a volume which would otherwise be occupied by a fluid.

Migration Definition

  • [n]the movement of persons from one country or locality to another [n] the periodic passage of groups of animals (especially birds or fishes) from one region to another for feeding or breeding
  • [n] (chemistry) the nonrandom movement of an atom or radical from one place to another within a molecule
  • [n] a group of people migrating together (especially in some given time period)Content from Read more at:
    Copyright © PoetrySoup and Respective Poets.

Other Research

A Workers Journey by Sharif (Shromiker Pothchola)

The longing of a sleepless brain
For a golden morning
For a break in the rhythm
For the beginning of the race
In summer or in monsoon
I have to run, keep running

From tiredness and misery
the best claims its right
The heart erodes in lament
And the game of war begins
And so begins the deluge

Sometimes for a moment
Sometimes for a day
I have to run, keep running
Deep inside the heart
with a mournful cry in the guise of valour
I return to this hell pit
The realization of dreams begins
The journey begins
At times I belong to this country
At times to that
I run, I have to run.

Migration Routes

After discussion with Helen, I have decided also to investigate the routes that migrants take to get to the UK and the methods they might use to travel here.

Potential Backgrounds for Graffiti Photographs

I decided to look further at Migration Graffiti and potential backgrounds to use. Given that the migrants have been living in containers in Calais, these are a good potential background to use as part of my projection experiments and graffiti backgrounds.

Working with Space Blankets

I decided to investigate further the potential for printing or projecting onto Space Blankets and came across the artist Eugenia Lim and her Yellow Peril exhibition where she had photographs printed onto Space Blankets.


I also investigated the temperature that Space Blankets can be heated too in relation to printing and I discovered that the maximum heat is 400 degrees C. I compared this to the temperature that an iron would get to, approx 250 deg C to understand more about how I could print onto the space blankets.

I also have an idea of cutting a space blanket into strips and knitting with it. This probably reflects the practice of knitting blankets for refugees that often takes place and using the space blanket as a material which is often handed out to refugees.

Space Blankets

I realized that space blankets are often handed out to people in distress by the emergency services and decided to research their use with the migrant population.

I then discovered an installation that had been created in the East Carpathians that used Space Blankets.



I have been considering potential materials to experiment with, not only for projection but as a medium too.

  • Spandex: This can be stretched into interesting shapes and projected onto.
  • Corrugated Perspex Sheet: Might make an interesting backdrop to project onto. Could project images onto the back of the perspex sheet.
  • Weighted Fabric: if blowers are directed onto the weighted fabric, could provide interesting movement in the projection.
  • Brown Glass: Currently collecting Brown Glass Bottles for who knows what – I just know they will be useful at some point.
  • Plaster Sculpture: Intersting textures to project onto.
  • Cellophane: Interesting shapes and light reflection from cellophane – quite a cheap resource too.
  • Plastic Sheeting: I did experiement a bit with this for the Extended Practice module.
  • Space Blankets:  Very excited at the thought of using Space Blankets as a medium and also in projections.

Monday 7th November 2016

Artists Research

Christopher Handran

Light Play

This installation emerged from a studio experiment in which video footage of London Theatre Billboards was projected onto broken rearview mirrors, also found in London. The installation expands upon this experiment, with the same video footage projected onto reflective cellophane and Perspex to create a similar effect, reflected around the exhibition space. The title of the work echoes Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s 1932 film documenting hisLight Space Modulator. Like the original title of the modulator, Light Prop for an Electric Stage, this also hints at a further play on words, between the idea of a theatrical play and the play of light that constitutes the work.


Artwork featuring young girl from Les Misérables appeared on French embassy in London following reports CS gas was used to clear parts of the camp


Lisa Katrine

Lisa Kristine uses photography to expose deeply human stories and to inspire change. For more than thirty years, Lisa has explored the globe, looking for the peoples, cultures and places that time forgot, creating indelible and unforgettable images. Through her speaking presentations, Lisa inspires a dialogue about the beauty, diversity and hardship of our inter-locking world.


Sebastiao Salgado

I loaned the book Migrations by Sebastiao Salgado from the library at Coleg Menai. His Imagery I found to be particularly haunting and re-iterated my concern with the civilian population who are displaced from their homes as a consequence of war.

Paul Bourke

It is easy to imagine how a single data projector and a spherical mirror can scatter light through wide angles. This can be used to provide a low cost projection solution for immersive displays where a wide field of view needs to be projected. The more expensive traditional solutions employ a fisheye lens or multiple projectors with their images optionally edge blended together.

Deniz Kurtel

  • Today, Kurtel works primarily with LED lights, creating huge installations which are often incorporated into her live performances. “I’ve always been fascinated with light so working with LEDs came naturally” she told us. “They offer the most control for what I want to do, and being able to connect with different inputs like sound and motion creates a lot of possibilities and ideas”.
    Her first piece to combine music and art came about in 2011. “The first example of this was when I built a stage LED installation called ‘Equilibrium’ she told us. “This piece responded to my music while I was playing, through audio input”.

Ai Wei Wei

Chinese artist recreates photo of Alan Kurdi by lying face-down on a pebbled beach on the Greek island of Lesbos as part of a series of projects engaging with the refugee crisis

This Jan. 25 image provided by the India Today news magazine shows Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei posing as he lies face down on the beach on the Greek island of Lesbos. Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has re-created the famous image of a 3-year-old Syrian child who drowned in Turkey last year by staging a photo of himself lying face down. | ROHIT CHAWLA / INDIA TODAY VIA AP

Alan Whitfield

Sometimes you need no edit or extra cameras. Things just seem to work? Above the A55 rumbling traffic in the Conwy Tunnel, sat out in the River Conwy thinking as I often do about the Mulberry harbour. I caught the ebb and flow were river meets sea


Artes Mundi


It identifies, recognises and supports contemporary visual artists who engage with the human condition, social reality and lived experience and is best known for its biennial international Exhibition and Prize which takes place in Cardiff.


John Acomfrah

Akomfrah’s Handsworth Songs attracted a huge audience when shown in the wake of last summer’s riots. His new film, The Nine Muses, uses Homer to explore mass migration to Britain.


Rebecca Smith

Urban Projections is home to the work and collaborations of multimedia artist Rebecca Smith.  Fusing  hand-crafted art-forms with with digital technologies, her work seeks to surprise and engage audiences with it’s playful tone and interactivity.  Constantly striving and seeking ways to push the boundaries of her discipline, Rebecca create’s unique digital experiences.


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