Monday 23rd January 2016

While this project is on hold, my plans moving forward are to create a Marquette of how the finished installation might be. Also to create a story-board for the video.

I also played around with paint, the guttering mesh and the images previously created using the fence.

Then manipulated them using my iPhone.

I had found some guttering mesh which I decided to work with the tarpaulin.

Monday 16th January 2016

I have spent time reflecting on this project and the point that it is at now. I have a clear idea of how I would like to see my final piece and, after discussion with Emrys, the components needed to complete it.

My intention would be to create a mock-up of a refugee tent which can be walked into with the following components.

  • Floor piece made from the images created with the fence for the stereotyping exploration.
  • Tent sides and roof made from knitted pieces of decorators plastic sheeting.
  • For the back of the installation either:
    • Video piece describing a refugee’s potential journey. and experience on landing in a country from the sea.
    • Or a larger Iris like the iris used in the identity exploration.

I also manipulated some of the imagery using my iPhone.

Monday 9th January 2016

I have experimented more with the knitting using an arm knitting technique and have found the following observations.

  • Best material to use is Decorators plastic.
  • Webbing although quite decorative, doesn’t knit well.
  • Traditional Tarpaulin is too thick a material to use.
  • Blue Tarpaulin from Poundland has potential as a knitting material.

I practised using barrier tape which worked well and using barrier tape fitted with the thinking around refugees and the barriers that are continually in their lives.

Below are the three examples I have produced; Decorators Plastic, Webbing and Barrier Tape.

Below is a video of the arm knitting technique.

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