Monday 24th April 2017

I recorded video of the installation I had created prior to Easter that includes the audio recording of the poem, Refugees by Brian Bilston.

Saturday 8th April 2017

I created a video using an iPhone App called Magisto using photographs of the Installation I had taken earlier in the week. This was really just a bit of experimentation but I actually liked the result and felt it should be shown here.

Wednesday 5th April 2017

Assessment of Installation Day.

Today I added my projection and audio into the installation and added the artist statement. I’m really pleased with the result, however there were two issues that I would have liked to resolve, but didn’t because of the time constraint.

  • When I projected the video it appeared expanded vertically, basically filling the projection space. To prevent this happening I should have placed the video against a Black Matte of a larger size so that when projected the text would have been in proportion.
  • I wanted to use a Leap Motion device with this installation, so that when the door opened the poem began playing. Again due to time constraints, I was unable to purchase this and get it set up in time. So during the Assessment, the audio, looped meaning the tutors probably went in to the room part way through the poem.

Monday 3rd April 2017

Installation Day!

I basically arrived with a rough plan for two of the blankets and then my idea was to work from there. I stretched the blankets across the room to create a fluid separation across the room that gives the impression of a make shift refugee tent.

The blue tarpaulin, I used to create the tent like effect on the ceiling. I decided where I wanted to project from and experimented with different locations for lights.

Sunday 2nd April 2017

Continuing with my knitting, I decided to knit using black bin bags to use against the white board at the end of the room as a contrasting material.

I also purchased more blue tarpaulin sheets to use as part of the tent like structure that I hope to create that will look like a make shift refugee tent.

Along with this I made sure I had sufficient spot lights to use as part of the installation.

Saturday 1st April 2017

After the discussion with Emrys on Monday I got started on my knitting in preparation for the installation. It did take me a while to remember which stitch I had used on my original piece of knitting, I finally remembered though and then started knitting the previously collected dust sheets with a vengeance.

I also printed some of my previously created Fence photos sized A0 and A1 to be used in the installation.

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