Sunday 26th March 2017

I recorded the poem as an audio file, in two ways, one with a female voice (myself) and one with a male voice (Andrew). I do feel that this is potentially the way forward, however I am going to continue with my plans to put together a video of myself reciting this poem too.

Male Voice Forward

Male Voice Backward

Female Voice Forward

Female Voice Backward

Saturday 25th March 2017

Because the initial recording lasted 10 minutes I decided to try and negate this by recording a banner using a Flash Video Banner Creator. I then converted the file to mp4 to include in this page.

Poem Forwards as a Flash File.

Poem Backwards as a Flash File.

I have spent some time thinking that if the poem was spoken this would mean that the time would be less and I think that the words would have more impact.

I have decided to do two things, record the audio as pure audio and record a video with me reciting the poem too – as a result I’ve been spending time learning the poem so that I can confidently recite the poem without looking like I’m reading it.

Monday 20th March 2017

I recorded the entire poem using my iPhone, however, when I scrolled the entire poem both backward and forwards, it took 10 minutes in total, too long time-wise in my mind. I decided to increase the video speed to 200% so that the video would take less time. Although I think the scrolling is a good idea, I’m not too sure about recording my iPhone. I then decided to investigate online banner making.

Monday 20th March 2017 – Research

I came across the latest installation by Ai Wei Wei which is at the National Gallery in Prague until January 2018 addressing the issues around migration and the refugee crisis.

Like many of his recent works, the Chinese artist and activist’s latest monumental installation deals with refugees. His largest installation yet is now on show at a new exhibition at the National Gallery in Prague.

The National Gallery in Prague opened “Law of the Journey” on Wednesday, the first solo exhibition of the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei in the Czech Republic.

The show, which will run through January 7, 2018, includes the artist’s latest work, also called “Law of the Journey.” His largest installation to date, it is a 70-meter-long (230-foot-long) inflatable boat with 258 oversized faceless refugee figures.

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