Monday 15th May 2017 – Interactive Video

I have spent several weeks investigating the concept of Interactive Video, finding a suitable host and recording the video.


Here is the link to the Final Version of the Interactive Video.

This process has required a huge amount of patience and jiggery pokery. I got there in the end though and for a first attempt at Interactive Video, I am pleased with the results. Below is a video of the run through, just to show the navigation and the interactivity.

Final Cover Page

I have recorded a run through video just so that you can see the process of navigating the interactive video, this was recorded using a Draft version and is slightly different to the final version. After running through this, I realised that this is quite a complex navigation structure, so I decided to simplify the video whilst maintaining the interactivity.

Monday 8th May 2017 – Survey

I created a Survey using Survey Monkey, the link is below along with the final set of results. This is to accompany the Interactive Video that is being created.

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