Saturday 5th November 2016

General Research

Migration Museum

Len Garrison, educationalist, culturalist and co-founder of the Black Cultural Archives showing his immigration stamp into the UK in 1954 Photograph: Image courtesy Marie Garrison and Black Cultural Archives

Migration to and from Britain over the last 100 years is the subject of a touching exhibition at Hackney Museum in partnership with the Migration Museum project.

Grafitti on the wall of a car park in Margate in 2002 Photograph: Peter Marlow/Magnum Photos

100 donated images document the vast range of experience from those seeking work, refuge or education to those leaving for a new life overseas.

100 Images of Migration runs from 11 June to 31 August and can be viewed at

Migration Graffiti

I also did some research on migration graffiti that already exists, some examples are shown below.

Projection Mapping

  • Video projection mapping has the capacity to transform any object into a screen. Forget flat projection, as projection mapping has the ability to take a real-world object, such as a building, and project onto its walls without any distortion. Events combine motion graphics, 3D animation, and an occasional dash of video that playfully highlights, deconstructs, rotates, recontextualises and generally manipulates a building’s usual geometry.

Projection Mapping.Org

Digital Graffiti and Guerrilla Projection

Only recently having become aware of the practice of digital graffiti, I immediately became excited about this type of artwork. The next Digital Graffiti Festival is in May 2017 and is held at Alys Beach in Florida.

Their Facebook page is here:

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is a one-of-a-kind projection art festival where artists use the latest digital technologies to project their original works onto the iconic white walls of Alys Beach.

Sometimes referred to as “Photon Bombing,” “Guerilla Projection” or “Urban Projection,” underground artists around the globe have been using the latest design, animation and projection technologies for many years to cast dynamic images onto skyscrapers and other urban structures as a means of artistic expression. Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is a festival geared towards bringing these artists together in one place to celebrate and showcase their unique talents.

Best in Show

Son Lux: Change is Everything, By The Made Shop/Nathan Johnson (Los Angeles, California)

Curators Choice

What is Seen was not made out of What Was Visible, By  Jinku Kim (Walpole, Massachusetts)

Fingerprinting Techniques

I have been investigating the use of fingerprint scanners and their use in software, considering how I can use this as part of an installation.

Retina Scanning

A retinal scan is a biometric technique that uses the unique patterns on a person’s retina blood vessels. It is not to be confused with another ocular-based technology, iris recognition, commonly called an “iris scanner.”

Other Research

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