Saturday 17th December 2016

Came across the poignant piece called Until the Sea Shall Him Free by PEKKA JYLHÄ made from Glass and Painted Wood. This image of Alan Kurdi has become an iconic image that represents the impact of the refugee crisis. Ai Wei Wei also posed in a photograph in an attempt to protest against the Syrian crisis.

Wednesday 14th December 2016

Reflecting on what I have achieved so far in this module, I have created a lot of scope to move forward. Some reflection is included in the VLog (Video Blog) below:

Monday 12th December 2016


Today we were split into groups and asked to produce a 60 second performance piece in just over an hour and also be prepared to explain why we were doing what we were doing. I was in a group with Sarah, Tiffany and Glain.

In our initial discussion we decided to make a note of any props that we could lay our hands on. We had a Lobster Pot, Headless Baby, Goat Skull, Space Blankets and a Staff.

We decided to do a skit nativity that sarcastically suggested that nowadays the spirit of Christmas is lost and that expectation of material gifts far outweighs the gifts of love, peace and kindness.

Using the Projection room, we made a Star of David from Space Blankets and used a conveniently placed projector to add light into the performance, projecting Iris’s onto the Star of David.

The characters in our skit were Mary, played by Sarah, two wise women, played by Tiff and Glain and a Narrator played by myself.

Mary, an ungrateful single parent of Jesus (the baby with a goats head) found herself homeless on Christmas Eve with only the local Premiere Inn as refuge. Visited by the two wise women (the third was in the pub), she sat in expectation of wonderful material gifts. When the first wise woman presented her with Peace (because they were skint) she became cross and sent them on their way, saying that she only wanted her baby to shut up because she wouldn’t stop crying. Retorting that it was the thought that counts the wise women left and Mary was left alone with her crying baby.

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