Wednesday 16th November 2016

I also began to digitally enhance some of the projection images that I have taken over the past few days with a view to using them as part of the digital graffiti.

I also began to add text to these images with some success.

I painted on a piece of Space Blanket material in flourescent paint, in preparation for the Projection Experiments still to do. The images below are the result having black light shone from behind them.

I also experimented with projecting light onto the Space Blanket material itself with some interesting effects.

I experimented a little with projection of the Iris images.

I also projected light along the floor.

All in all, my projection experiments have proved to be successful and have inspired me to consider different surfaces to project onto when I seek out locations for the Digital Graffiti.

Tuesday 15th November 2016

Space Blankets

Whilst in Printing I began to experiment with the use of space blankets as a material to print on with a view to projecting light through them.

I began to experiment with printing onto Space Blanket material and investigated maximum temperatures that the material can withstand – up to 400 degrees, whereas an iron is generally 250 degrees.

I decided to attempt to transfer an image onto the Space Blanket using the Heat Transfer paper from the Photo Transfer process.  Although some of the print transferred this wasn’t terribly successful.

I then decided to try and write some graffiti using permanent marker, this proved to be quite successful. Experiments still ongoing.

I then tried painting on the Space Blanket with Acrylic with some success. I also tried screen printing on the Space Blanket, which after some research on the internet appears to be the method favoured by most. For my purposes, however painting on the Space Blankets using Acrylic is the most appropriate method.

Tuesday 15th November 2016

Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich, the new Artists in Residence at Penryn Castle visited today to talk about their work and the forthcoming project at Penrhyn Castle and also to invite people to volunteer their services and take part in this new project over Easter and in the Summer of 2017.
Our work explores the space between what exists and what is possible. Within this liminal space we create objects and situations that lead our audience on transformative experiences inviting them to consider an ‘other’ way of being. We ask participants in our work to examine their relationship to the environment they inhabit and reflect on a global context. We are interested in art’s potential to act as a catalyst for social and political transformation. At the heart of our work is the pursuit of an ideal and the question ‘is it possible for Art, and more particularly our practice, to provide practical, aesthetic and poetic solutions to social political and environmental problems?’
The talk was particularly interesting and I found their use of inflatables fascinating and something I had been interested in learning more about after seeing the Mark Lecky piece, Zoo Logic at the Walker Art Gallery.

Monday 14th November 2016

Projection Experiments


For the Iris experiment I used black light behind the Iris to create the reflective effects that are shown in the video below. I then also projected onto the centre of the front of the Iris which also proved quite successful. This has confirmed to me that my idea to back-light the iris with ultra violet light and then project onto the front of the Iris using Projection Mapping will work successfully. Still to experiment with both lighting options together.


I wanted to use the heads previously created as a background for projection and the results below proved to be relatively successful.


I used corrugated perspex against the shutter in the projection room to create an interesting cross effect with the projection reflecting on the shape of the perspex.

Below is a video of the images produced in this experiment.


I projected some of my images from the Printing module and also some graffiti onto a plain white projection surface.


I wanted to begin to experiment with Space Blankets as a material to use in both projection and printing. My initial results are below:

Corrugated Lines

I projected black light onto the corrugated perspex to create the effects shown below.

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