Wednesday 23rd November 2016

I became aware of the Amnesty International piece to raise awareness of the immigration crisis where 200 Amnesty International Supporters lined up on Brighton beach in body bags as a shocking protest against the migrant situation.

Monday 21st November 2016

I have also been considering the direction of this project and I am becoming increasingly interested in the stereotyping of refugees in our communities. It seems to go unnoticed that these people had lives and careers before war disrupted their lives meaning they had to flee. I have also observed that more often than not the British media refer to refugees and migrants collectively as migrants and in quite a negative way. In addressing the issues of stereotyping, I also intend to look at the influence of the British media on the general public and the propaganda that exists around this subject within our country.


Doug Aitken

I also came across Wave Particle who provided me with some inspiration for the projections in the tunnel spaces that I hope to do.

Artists in Arches, (AiA):  Oersted 

With artists Dan Miller, Rasmus Danø, Søren Hüttel, Steff Norwood, Colin Orr and Kev Pollock 

This group exhibition, curated by Dan Miller, presented new work by six artists from Glasgow and Copenhagen. It incorporated a wide range of media to create a dynamic and immersive audiovisual environment – a place of intermittent ocular and auricular experience.

Artists in Arches has already housed several very successful events ranging from theatre performance to immersive sculptural installations. The spaces are large, atmospheric and distinct, whilst allowing immediate access to a series of unique projects across the one locale. Network Rail has worked closely with WAVEparticle in supporting the tenancy of these spaces, and the ambition is to make the venues more visible and known to artists as an incredible opportunity to host a range of projects.

An image that I saw made me consider the difference between a migrant and a refugee and the significance that this difference in definition might have on this work. Have we as a country lost sight of this with the current ongoing immigration crisis. It appears to me that people who we consider to be migrants are actually leaving their country to escape war and that they would be refugees and not migrants.

  • Migrant: A person who moves from one place to another in order to find work or better living conditions.
  • Refugee: A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.



Sunday 20th November 2016

Hunting for Potential Sites

I also began thinking about potential sites this weekend. I had already noticed several possible locations around the college, using the shutter doors and containers in particular. I have also been considering the remarks from Helen about considering different surfaces to project upon.

Today, whilst visiting Andrew’s work I noticed that the gates had a particular quality to them that I believe would make a good projection site. Being gates, I also began to consider the fact that they act as a barrier and in fact it is the barriers that prevent freedom of movement that has caught my attention.

Whilst driving home I found two other potential sites one under a bridge that has the A55 running over it, again alluding to the movement of people but in a subversive manner – I have yet to photograph this location. On our way home we also passed lots of hedges on country lanes that also act as a barrier – also not yet photographed.

So, potential sites so far for digital graffiti projection are:

  • Containers
  • Gates / Railings
  • Hedges
  • Any other type of Barrier.

Sites found around the Rhyl area:

Potential sites from college using Containers:

Potential Sites at college using alternative options for projection:

Dash Cam Experiment

After discussion with Emrys some weeks ago I had decided to experiment with a dash cam as a potential source of recorded video conversations.

An opportunity arose to work with Kate Roberts on her Autoethnography brief, which required the production of a 2 minute video. See my Blog Post, Creative Flow for a more detailed account of this work, which I am putting towards my Creative Futures module.

As part of this work, Kate and I did in fact go out in the car and she interviewed me on my creative process whilst the dash cam was running.


However, when I began looking at the video content to reduce 30 minutes into two minutes, it became apparent that the sound quality of the dash cam was very poor indeed, and to date I have not managed to improve it. I was aware that I would probably need a directional microphone for this task.

I have researched this issue and it is quite a common issue and widely discussed on various forums on the internet. I have included one of the videos as an example of the sound quality that I am dealing with.

In that 30 minutes, we created over 20 clips of video, which Kate then reviewed for me to edit so that the key parts of the conversation were kept. This proved to be a significant effort in time to edit and improve.

I decided to put this part of the work on hold until I have more time available to edit the video and I have also decided that until I get a directional microphone, I’m not going to record any dash cam footage with audio for this module.

Sunday 20th November 2016

Thinking more about the images that I would like to use with the digital projection to come, I began to consider how I could make images that would project successfully. I decided to make silhouettes from real images of migrants refugees who were travelling/walking, of which they’re are many on the internet.

I also took some of the photographs of the fluorescent text and digitally enhanced them using my iPhone and created the following images which could be used for Graffiti stills.

Saturday 19th November 2016

Today (with the help of my hubby) I made a pair of Jumbo knitting needles that I can use to knit with the Space Blanket Material. Made from Wooden Dowling that Andrew shaped at the ends to a point, I added buttons to the other ends and Voila – Knitting needles.

I then cut a Space Blanket into 1 inch strips and began to knit. My first piece is all Knit stitches. I would like to experiment with Knit 1 stitch, Purl 1 stitch and also Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row before I come to a conclusion on what style of knitting to use for the larger blanket that I hope to knit.

The idea of knitting a blanket with the Space Blanket material alludes to the fact that these blankets are handed out to refugees and I am almost paying homage to the original purpose of the material I am knitting with.

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