Sculpture with Plaster

Tuesday 14th March 2017

Digital Response to Sculpture with Plaster

I spent some time experimenting digitally with one of the images from the Sculpture with Plaster, here are my results.

Sculpture with Plaster

I then decided to have a re-think and focus on a particular material each week. I love working with plaster so was quite happy to put my first attempts aside and begin again.

I decided to soak some towel in plaster and drape over a bottle to dry for my first piece. I’ve only moulded with plaster before now so this technique was new to me and I really like the finished Maquette.

I then decided to mould some plaster but include an object in it.

My third piece was a similar attempt, again using an object that had been found. This time, however, I poured the plaster into an old pen holder that had the metal slotted inside.

I also decided to use some Alginate as a mould to try and mould my hand. This again is a new technique to me. I used too big a bowl, but did manage to create a mould from the alginate. However, I removed the plaster too quick and the fingers broke off… Not sure yet if I am going to repair this or not. Feel more confident that future attempts with this will go better.

Epic Fails with Plaster

So here are some of my other attempts with plaster, which I had removed from the moulds too quickly.

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