Sunday 19th March 2017 – Reflection

My aim for this module was to get to a point where I felt confident with the Photo Etching process and able to work completely with this process without supervision. I am happy that I have achieved this and feel ready to move on to another process to completely understand.

I have created a lot of material for this module, however moving forward I have the following things still to do to complete this project.

  • Prepare a handmade book with all the material created during this project.
  • Prepare a Digital book with all the images from this project.

I also found a screenprinting_for_schools PDF which has some very useful information.

Sunday 19th March 2017

Further Research: Other Print Artists

Mark Andrew Webber

Becoming increasingly interested in the use of maps in artwork, I came across Mark Andrew Webber and found this giant map of Berlin particularly inspiring.

On Saturday July 26th 2014, Future Tense artist Mark Andrew Webber successfully completed the first experimental prints from his giant-sized typographic linocut map of Berlin. Completed with help from several printmaking experts along with enthusiastic members of the public, the artist used an improvised 500kg sand-filled roller – the 3.4m x 1.8m dimensions make it impossible to print using a commercial press – along with traditional hand-burnishing techniques to produce the prints. Amongst the crowds gathered to witness the event were Berlin-based designer, Erik Spiekermann – renowned typographer and co-founder of Fontshop.

Webber, 28, who has suffered from severe arthritis since childhood, spent a total of 16 months creating the map, including 2 months living in Berlin and 6 months laid on his studio floor carving the linocut. Webber is producing the prints in a makeshift public studio as part of his Wonderlust solo show at the Londonewcastle Project Space in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, until Sunday August 10th.

When artist Mark Andrew Webber spent months walking the streets of Berlin, he wasn’t sightseeing – he was sign seeing.

The artist from Reading has made a name for himself creating intricate city maps made up entirely of names of streets and areas, using the typeface he spotted while exploring them.

His latest and largest work is a massive 22 sq m map, meticulously and laboriously cut from lino.

Creating the map meant six months and hundreds of hours of delicate and complex carving. Every tiny detail was carved into the lino; one small mistake could have wrecked everything.

Joseph Loughborough

Joseph-Loughborough-The-Enemy-100-x-70cm-Polymer-Gravure-Print-on-Paper-2011-Signed-Edition-of-50-£210-719x1024Entitled ‘The Enemy’ and based upon the charcoal sketch originally exhibited at The Future Tense group launch show in 2010, the work was developed in collaboration with world-renowned print studio, Thumbprint Editions. Thumbprint is best known for creating etchings and woodcuts with such artists as Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor and Tracey Emin, including her most recent release ‘The Kiss’.

Measuring a generous 100 x 70 cm and limited to a signed edition of 50 + 3 artist proofs, the print uses a traditional Polymer Gravure etching process to fully capture the unique tonal variation typically found in charcoal works on paper. This complex, highly technical process produces prints of unrivalled quality, whilst also creating an attractive embossed frame within the paper due to the extreme pressures on the plate during the printing process.

Jason Kofke

As an artist, Kofke continues to reiterate the basic aesthetics of the printed image by which he learned his incipient world. This Exhibition, Encyclopaedia (1979) is an acknowledgement of the highly influential medium of the information compendium: In the 20th century, the analog-printed book – in the 21st century, the digital record database. In this exhibit, Kofke maintains the printing process as a method to compress and publish information via the mechanical reproduction of the meaning – laden image.  The encyclopedia continues to convey their history to humans, and continues to influence events of the future through compressed perceptions of the past.

The prints included in this exhibition are published through Straw Hat Press of Atlanta, GA (Master Printers Laura Cleary and Shaun McCallum) and Haven Press of Brooklyn, NYC (Master Printer Mark Herschede) with special thanks for printing assistance to Robert Brown (SCAD); and to Duncan Richards for expert carpentry.  Many works in this exhibit were produced while Kofke was an artist in residence at The Creative’s Project Artist Residency Program at the Goat Farm.

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