Tuesday 18th October 2016

Proposal and Context

For my Extended Practice module I am producing a video that focuses on the effects of carpet bombing on the civilian population, particularly children. Statistically, 54 children were killed in September 2016 and I will be supporting the video with 54 plaster faces, some fragmented.

Media and Methods

I am hoping to support my Extended Practice with Print Images created using Photo Etching, Etching and Lino Printing.

See Also my blog pages on Extended Practice and Specialist Study below:

Reflecting on the Level Four Print Module that we completed last year, I realised that although we had covered a number of different techniques, I did not really have a complete understanding of each process.

I decided that I particularly liked the Photo Etching process, probably because of my digital interests and skill set and I wanted to gain a more complete understanding of this process during this module.

In supporting my Extended Practice and Specialist Study modules, I decided to create Photo Etching Aluminium plates using images of children affected by the Syrian War, printing from them, with the intention of making a book from the completed prints.

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