Tuesday 1st November 2016

Continuing with the Photo Etching I prepared six more Photo Shop images and etched the Aluminium plates ready to be printed. I also spent time reflecting on the paper to print on, and considered using handmade paper, however this needs some experimentation and further research.

Research: Photo Gravure Artist

Friedhard Kiekeben

Friedhard Kiekeben, b. 1963, studied at the Royal College of Art, London, and in Frankfurt, Germany.  After fifteen years working as an artist and teaching printmaking in the UK, he relocated to the USA.
He is currently Professor of Printmaking at Columbia College Chicago.
Kiekeben’s artworks take form as digital wall drawings, etched and printed metal friezes and sculpture, and sequences of original prints. His projects often include site specific installations – such as the Two Pillars in downtown Chicago – and are exhibited internationally in public spaces, art museums and
commercial galleries. He is the author of NontoxicPrint.com.


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