Saturday 17th December 2016

I attended a Screen Printing Workshop at the Carriage Works in Denbigh with Tara Reid where I learned that Screen Printing is actually not as scary as it seems.  I also feel confident that I could work with Screen Printing at home.

See Screen Printing with Tara Reid for a full review of the day.

After this workshop I purchased screen printing equipment of my own so that I can use this process at home.

Research: Screen Printing Artists

People of Print are proud to present our favourite screen-print artists of 2013. Many of them were featured in the weeks most popular posts, took part in major projects and are currently followed by numbers of print fanatics. Some can be found on our Department Store.


Blexbolex is a multi-award winning graphic artist and illustrator based in Berlin. Born in Douai, France as Bernard Granger, he finished his degree in screen printing and has been working in prints for over three decades. His visual storytellings, which are commonly found in children books and graphic novels, illustrate his experimental approach to blending characteristic hand-drawn illustration with commercial printing techniques and book production.

Jim O’Raw

A print maker, contributor and in-house artist of People of Print, Jim O’Raw has worked alongside our director, Marcroy Smith, for over half decade. With his distinct style of using fluro colours in a CMYK process, Jim’s artwork promises to be original and provides the feel of looking at faded film-developed photos.


Dan Mather

I first discovered screen printing while at the Arts Institute Bournemouth ten years ago. I loved how you could use the process to print on anything from acrylic and cardboard to bubblewrap, glass and carpet underlay. I tried it all. I went on to study at the London College of Printing where I practically lived in the print room. I spent three years playing with halftones, multiplying colours, blends, overprinting and registration. I even tried printing PVA and throwing gold dust down. I thought it was incredible how you could achieve such a high quality of print at a relatively low cost. After graduating, I embarked on a career as a graphic designer, but it wasn’t really for me. So I returned to the squeegee and began printing by own work again before my friends at Birch recommended me to Mark Bloom at Mash Creative. I printed three editions for him and have gone on to print over 100 editions for over 75 clients with more enquiries coming in every day.

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