Tuesday 22nd November 2016

I etched the Copper Plates and printed from them.

Tuesday 15th November 2016

I printed my final set of images from the plates I had prepared earlier.

Also, as previously discussed with Darren I also printed one of my prints large scale (A0) and placed it in my Studio Space.


Saturday 12th November 2016

I prepared the Copper Sulphate mixture at home and etched the plates ready for printing. The used Copper Sulphate mixture I brought into college for Darren to dispose of.

Tuesday 8th November 2016

To achieve my aim of having 12 images to use with this module, I continued to prepare Photo Shop images and aluminium plates. I also prepared two copper plates as well. I decided not to etch the plates in college, as I had the Copper Sulphate at home and I wanted to attempt to etch the pieces at home, so that I knew I had understood the process completely and could re-visit this process again without supervision.

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