2nd February 2017

Having finally got all the information for the Galeri from the other artists – with a huge sigh of relief I sent this information off. Now, perhaps I can concentrate on my own work for the exhibition.

Elfennau Social Media went live. Shared both the page and the event on my personal Facebook and my She’s a Fine Artist Facebook page, also invited all my friends to like the page.

1st February 2017

Meeting today to finalize Artist Statements and Details to be sent to Galeri. Still don’t have all the information I need, extremely frustrated to say the least.

31st January 2017

Frustrating Day, however slightly more productive, again spent a lot of time sending emails requesting information from other artists and collating artist statements and finalizing details required by the Galeri.

One positive thing to come out of the day, however, is that my She’s a Fine Artist Facebook Page went live and I invited all my friends. I updated my She’s a Fine Artist website and linked my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

30th January 2017

Frustrating Day, travelled to Coleg Menai only to discover didn’t need to be there. Spent all morning sending emails requesting information from other artists with my administrator hat on – then travelled home – what a waste of a day.

29th January 2017

Mood Board

With the photographs, I used my heat gun to melt the top layer of the photograph away, akin to having been charred in a fire. I then used a naked flame to burn the edges of the lower layer of the photograph.

I then made the first layer of the collage from the printing I had done the day before adding some of the distressed photographs to make the collage less flat.

Finally, I worked the collage with candle wax and emulsion to create a more interesting effect.


28th January 2017

More research and printing in preparation for a Mood Board/Collage about my exhibition piece, “I’ll Take That One”. I went to the local print shop and printed actual photographs to use in my Mood Board/Collage.

I also spent some time researching distressing of fabrics, paper and other materials in preparation for my exhibition piece. Distressing Techniques I plan to use in the collage piece:

  • Sanding Down using Sand Paper
  • Wax
  • Burning and Melting using a Heat Gun and a Naked Flame
  • Acrylic Paint, Distressing Inks and Acrylic Medium, Crackle Glaze and Vintage.
  • Shellac

26th January 2017

After having volunteered to do administration for the Galeri project, our first deadline is fast approaching, providing the logo (kindly prepared by Simone), Artist Names (as they would like them to appear), Piece Titles and Artist Statements to Galeri by Friday 3rd February.

So, wearing my Administration  hat, I emailed the group with the requesting that they all send me their Full Names (as they would like them to appear in the Galeri), Contact Numbers (just in case), Piece Titles and their Artist Statements to be with me by Wednesday 1st February 2017, so that I can proof read them (as requested by Helen) and forward them to Galeri by Friday 3rd February. I also emailed the new logo across to the Galeri to be included in the invitations.

25th January 2017

I visited the Galeri to re-connect with the gallery space and begin to understand how my 3D film might fit into the gallery space. In particular, I wanted to see if there were electrical floor points. I also spent some time in the coffee shop clearing my head and clarifying my ideas for this project.

General Ponderings:

  • Story Board
  • Trains were steam in 1939
  • Do I need to go to the Archives
  • Child Actors for video: Jenson and Elissa (both 4)
  • Check out primary schools in Caernarfon
  • Email List for invitations
  • Could use Maps – 3 – Liverpool, North Wales Coast and Caernarfon
  • Children were ferried to Bangor by train then walked up the hill to Friars School and gathered for selection (billeting) in the School Hall.
  • Ask Helen for contact in Llandrillo to gain access to record video.
  • Luggage Labels – key symbol – needs more thought – has potential
  • What to Take to Galeri.

Video Footage Ponderings:

  • Life in Liverpool (Archive)
    • Terraced Housing
    • School
    • Playground
    • Street Playing
  • Lime Street Station (Archive)
  • Saying Goodbyes (Record) Jenson and Elissa (children), Beckie and Charlene (Mums)
    • How did they feel?
    • Adventure, Scared, Nervous
    • Mums waving and crying
    • Mums comforting each other
    • Children Waving, looking excited, nervous and scared
    • Children walking away holding hands
    • Mum’s saying look after your sister
  • Train Journey – spend some time on the train (Record)
  • Steam Train (Archive)
  • Bangor Train Station (Record)
  • Walk up to Friars School (Record)
  • Friars School Hall (Record)
  • Child Selection (Record) Dannii (Foster Parent).
    • Parent pointing children out
    • Parent walking with both children
    • Parent saying I’ll take that one
  • Life in Caernarfon
    • Arriving in Caernarfon
    • Primary Schools
    • Farm Life
    • Playing outside
    • Playground
    • The Castle
    • How did they feel

Props required for Collage:

  • Suitcase
  • Gas Mask
  • Gas Mask Box
  • Teddy
  • Labels
  • Cardboard
  • String round necks
  • ID Cards

The Final Collage

  • Consider the threat – Air Raids
  • Rations
  • Letters to Mum and Dad
  • How did they feel?

Give Aways / For Sale

  • Pin Badges
  • CD’s
  • Books
  • Collage

During the afternoon we had a meeting to agree the final logo that we would be using. Created by Simone and agreed by the whole group. The Group name we decided was Elements translated into welsh as Elfennau.


24th January 2017

Artist Statement


Pain in Inevitable. Suffering is Optional.
The Root of all Suffering is Attachment.

Possessing an innate empathic ability, Michelle feels the suffering in the world on a very deep level, particularly feeling empathy towards those who are suffering as a result of hate, war, violence, domination and bullying.

All people Suffer! It is an integral part of the human existence. We would not be human if we had not suffered. We are all human, living the same human existence, experiencing the same struggles, difficulties, challenges and suffering in our lives in many different ways.

The words that Michelle hears in her head when she sees images of suffering around the world are…
“Imagine if that was me, imagine if that was my Child or my Mother or Brother – How would I feel?”
These words inspire Michelle to create art that helps people to remember that deep down inside we are all the same.

Using props, film and digital media, Michelle aspires to create artwork that helps us to see the world through the eyes of those that suffer at the hands of others.

Where there is Hate there is Love. Choose Love.
Where there is Conflict there is Peace. Choose Peace.
Where there is Suffering there is Strength. Choose Strength.

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?
enry David Thoreau



Proposal, Materials and Methods

Galeri – how does the work engage with Caernarvon and it’s locality (geography, culture, history)

Artwork Title: I’ll take that One!

During Operation Pied Piper many children were evacuated from Liverpool to Caernarfon for their safety and to avoid potential bombing raids on Britain’s major cities.

Film: I will produce a piece of film from current footage of the Caernarfon area mixed with public domain archive footage of the 1939 evacuation of children from Liverpool to Caernarfon.

The aims for the film is to show how this evacuation affected the children, not only then but continuing to the present day.

Given that some of the footage will be public domain footage, I intend to make this video available online after the exhibition using a Creative Commons License and therefore will not placing the film itself for sale.

I plan to provide a book and a CD supporting this video that will be available for purchase/order.

To make this piece, 3 dimensional, I also plan to make a collage using found objects and historical images.

Planning and Production Timescale

  • Tuesday 24th January to Wednesday 1st February: Research, both online and in the local archive offices.
  • Wednesday 1st February to Wednesday 22nd February:  Video Production, Book Production and CD Production.
  • Tuesday 21st February – Submit Book to Publisher.
  • Tuesday 28th February – Delivery of Film and Supporting Materials to Galeri.
  • Tuesday 28th February to 2nd March – Onsite assembling Galeri works.

Health and Safety Implications

All electrical equipment to be PAT tested prior to the exhibition.

More Research

I spent some time looking at the requirements of an evacuee child, in respect of what they were allowed to take with them.



23rd January 2017

I’ve spent some time looking at Propaganda material and thinking how I can incorporate collage into a small scale “installation” with film.

I also began putting a sketch book together.

And more research….

North Wales Coast Express – check out more youtube videos



Public Domain Footage

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