Evacuee Information from Liverpool Genealogy

RefNo 352 EDU/1/85/4
Title ‘Government Evacuation Scheme: Liverpool’, tie on label
Date n.d. [1940s]
Description gives code number; party number; name [of head mistress]; home address of same; name of school.
Extent 1 item
AccessConditions Open to any accredited reader

RefNo 940 EVA
Title Essays written by evacuees sent to Carmel School, North Wales
Date c1940
Description The essays describe the experiences of evacuees from Liverpool in Carmel, North Wales. This includes details relating to attending chapel, the Welsh people, their accommodation and the countryside.
AdminHistory The Government’s Evacuation Scheme commenced on 1 Sep 1939. The majority of evacuees from Liverpool were sent to North Wales. One group were sent to Carmel, near Caernarfon, where they attended the local school. They took the train from Liverpool on the morning of 3 Sep 1939 and arrived in Pen-y-groes Railway Station in the afternoon.
Extent 7 items
RelatedMaterial For details of evacuees in North Wales see ‘North Wales Receives – An Account of the First Government Scheme, 1939-1940’ reprinted from the Journal of the Flintshire Historical Society, Volume 32 (1989) (ref: H 940.53161 WAL). For details of evacuation from Liverpool see ‘Evacuation of Liverpool Schools Under the Government Scheme Report’ in Borough of Liverpool, Proceedings of the Council (1938-39), pp.2007-2013 (ref: H 352 COU).



Official instructions were given regarding what evacuee boys should take with them, i.e. “1 vest, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of trousers, 2 pairs of socks, handkerchiefs, 1 pullover or jersey”, (Our parents did manage to pack rather more than this into our haversacks!). We also had to carry the gas mask with which everyone had recently been issued. The gas mask was in a cardboard box with a string to carry it round one’s neck.


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