3rd March 2017

Opening! – Yay!

Last Minute Checks including delivery of the Flowers that I had made into Bouquets for Lisa and Sarah.

2nd March 2017

Finalizing the Talking Heads Video. Because of the length of the overall video, it took hours to render, compile and then write the video to DVD.

1st March 2017

All Finished and Ready to Go!


Overall I am happy with my piece. I like the fact that it is up on the wall and looks more map like as a result.

Setup Day 2. Again we all worked really hard to bring everything together in a timely manner, which I think we accomplished well. We also we all recorded speaking about our work for the talking heads video.

28th February 2017

Today we we at Galeri in Caernarfon beginning to setup the exhibition. The day went well and everybody seemed happy with the space that they were allocated for their piece. We all worked together as a team and this helped the day to run more smoothly. I had quite a bit of administrative tasks to complete to ensure that the Galeri had all the correct information on time.

Setup Day 1.

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