Wednesday 19th April 2017 – Reflection

Reflection on the Galeri Project

Having had a couple of weeks to distance myself from the Galeri Project, I feel now is an opportune time to reflect further on the Project as a whole.

Reflection as a Participating Artist

I think I can categorically say that I worked really hard and was happy that I had achieved my best with this project. It has made me aware though that I have a tendency to over-complicate things and since this project I have been attempting to “Simplify” as much as I possibly can and this realisation has informed my practice in the Practice in Context (ARF 502) Sculpture already.

Reflection as Organisor

When we were asked to volunteer for the admin role, I volunteered because it was very clear that no one else had any intention of volunteering. I did feel however that because of my industry experience and career to date, I feel that the experience of organising the event would have benefited one of the younger students more.

That set aside though, I committed fully to the role of volunteer and gave it my all. It is a difficult role, that is very clear and I was the brunt of a lot of animosity because it appears that some of the other students didn’t like the fact that I had to ask them for information and I had to keep reminding myself that the younger members of our group have a lot less life experience and a lot less experience of dead-lines and professional practice.

I felt that I developed an excellent working relationship with Lisa Taylor, the co-ordinator at the Galeri and worked really hard to ensure that everything that was required of us was forwarded to Lisa in a timely manner.

This experience of organising the Galeri Project has certainly equipped me with a solid foundation of transferable skills that I can use again on other projects in the future.

 Wednesday 19th April 2017: Project Documents

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