Prior to 18th January 2017

Galeri Logo for Inclusion in Galeri Marketing Booklet

As a group we decided on a logo that we felt at the time represented us as artists. The quote below, written by myself best represented the intention and the discussion had between the whole group regards an initial group logo. The logo was photographed by Simone Williams.

These are our qualities as a group that we believe are represented in the symbolism of a skull.
To a lot of people skulls may symbolise death, however in every death there is a re-birth and as a group going through the process of this course, we are birthing into Fine Artists that we are to become.
As a group we are strong, powerful and fearless and have an incredible bond of protection, helping each other through difficult times along the way. Sharing of wisdom and guidance has become an integral part of the bond that we share.
“A skull crown be a wreath of roses is referred to as a ‘carpe diem’, translated as seize the day, a good motto that we all strive to follow.
The moth is also symbolic of transformation growth, inner knowing and living from that space of intuition, instead of physical sensory perception.


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